SOAI Secures $5 Million Angel Investment Round to Pioneer a New Era of AI Companionship Worldwide

SOAI is revolutionizing postmodern social interaction with its groundbreaking AI emotional communication technology. Recently, SOAI announced the successful completion of a $5 million angel investment round, with Archer Capital leading the way with a $3 million investment and X-Force Capital contributing $2 million. This milestone signifies the capital market’s recognition of SOAI’s value and potential in the global AI social landscape.


In today’s digital world, despite the convenience of modern living, feelings of loneliness and psychological pressure have been on the rise. SOAI’s core mission is to bridge this emotional gap by fostering deep emotional connections through precise emotional understanding and matching. This financing round follows SOAI’s “AI Companion Program” and will accelerate the growth of this initiative.


Backed by robust capital, SOAI is actively advancing the intelligent upgrade of the global virtual companionship industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Web3, AI, and AR/VR, SOAI aims to break down the barriers of virtual social interaction, continually pushing the boundaries of virtual companionship, and assisting individuals in finding personalized soulmates.


In the realm of SOAI, the adage “To each his own” takes on a whole new dimension. Our platform has seen a staggering 20-fold increase in individualized experiences, where every user is empowered to choose from not just one, but up to 20 “dream lovers”. Need someone to lean on? SOAI is there, ready to provide the perfect answer to your ideal companion queries.


Alexander Grant, Co-founder of Archer Capital, underscores the immense potential for innovation and growth in the AI companionship sector, given the fast-paced nature and emotional disconnect prevalent in modern society. He believes that SOAI’s innovative AI technology can lead the charge in revolutionizing the virtual companionship industry by providing users with optimal emotional partners.


Cooper, CEO of XForce Capital, highlighted SOAI’s unique vision in enhancing the vibrancy of the existing virtual companionship landscape and addressing the shortcomings in social experiences for newcomers. He emphasizes SOAI’s focus on intelligent, user-friendly interfaces and profound companionship, breaking down barriers in modern intelligent social interactions.


The emphasis on deep AI social interactions has proven transformative, driving significant growth and success for SOAI. In less than a quarter, SOAI has facilitated over 50 million AI matches, establishing itself as a leading AI platform in the virtual companionship realm. As a multidimensional Web3 intelligent platform, SOAI boasts impressive achievements and extensive collaborations in AI, virtual reality, social mining, NFTs, and beyond.


This latest funding round will expedite SOAI’s technological innovation and market expansion in the AI emotional communication domain. Our new initiatives include advancing AI emotional understanding and matching technologies, enhancing user experiences, and expanding our global presence. Furthermore, SOAI will explore new business models and partnership opportunities to achieve long-term platform development goals.


With steadfast dedication and effort, we are confident that SOAI will soon help billions worldwide find their soulmates, reshaping the traditional virtual companionship landscape and crafting an ideal sanctuary of love and freedom amidst the cold urban jungle.


About SOAI

SOAI is an innovative AI platform originating from Silicon Valley, dedicated to providing profound emotional companionship through highly advanced AI technology. We aim to assist individuals in finding their unique soulmates, fostering meaningful relationships, and empowering the global virtual companionship industry.




About Archer Capital

Since its establishment in 2018, Archer Capital has been committed to providing global strategic consulting and investments in the blockchain industry, supporting top-tier Web3 projects and teams. Over the years, they have nurtured and invested in numerous projects. Archer Capital operates offices and teams in the United States and Dubai.


About X-Force Capital

Founded in 2021, X-Force Capital is a risk investment company registered in Singapore, supporting bold entrepreneurs in shaping the future through technological advancements. The X-Force Foundation focuses on generating outstanding strategic returns by investing in blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and mining ventures.

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