Month: November 2022

New opportunity in the prediction market track: Moonquiz launches first ecological prediction application based on FIFA World Cup

The prediction of future events has always been of greater significance, whether it is the prediction of weather, geological disasters, or the prediction of financial markets, event trends, etc., which are expected to allow individuals and organizations to hedge against potential risks and maximize their returns. Looking at Web3 field, it’s easily seen that the […]

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Weshare-Prize Games with No Loss

Weshare is a deceptively simple DeFi Dapp that rewards users for depositing funds with the chance to win prizes. There are two types of prize pools in Weshare: Daily Draw Pool and Quiz Betting Pool. To use Weshare, you’ll need either a Metamask wallet or another supported Polygon wallet with enough funds to stake. Go […]

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Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform is about to launch ceremoniously

By Meta Media November 8, 2022 . Author:Jason According to reliable sources, Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform is about to launch on a grand scale. Bayesian is a global Artificial Intelligence(AI) super computing platform based on Bayesian decentralized Computing Network Protocol (BDCP). It regards AI + blockchain + distributed storage as the architecture core, serving […]

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