Lion King – One of the most popular DeFi project that you should pay attention to

Fairness and Transparency are the soul of finance and the unremitting pursuit of every investor. However, we need a new technology that can guarantee fairness even human civilization highly developed today.

In 2008, Bitcoin was born but blockchain still can not perfectly apply in financial area although 10 years passed away already. Until 2018, Brendan Forster published an article “Announcing De.Fi, A Community for Decentralized Finance Platforms”, announcing the birth of DeFi. Everything was changed because of a decentralized protocol used to build an open financial system.

DeFi has gone through iterations and has gradually evolved from the initial “financial reformer” to “financial revolutionist”. Blockchain technology has begun to transform from an application serving finance to a reshaping of finance; at the same time, DeFi is still evolving in.

Lion King – CODE IS LAW

In 2021, Carbanak, the world’s second-ranked geeks’ club from deep web, took two years of research and development and officially launched the DeFi platform-Lion King. Lion King represents an ecological architecture and financial technology concept. Besides it represents anonymous groups who builds a trusting society and a new habit related to trust from the country, government, financial institutions, family, friends, and colleagues for thousands of years to code. The trust mechanism of the blockchain is derived from code, and the consensus algorithm formed by the distributed accounting method of the blockchain solves the problems of low trust and transparency, and initiates a revolution in the trust system. And relying on the original encryption algorithm and the underlying technology of the blockchain, the ecological unique token LKT is issued.

At the same time, Lion King builds a complete DeFi ecology based on the ecologically strong consensus system and team. For example, Dex/Swap, loan, aggregator, farming, NFT, insurance, derivatives, games, payment, etc..

Although the concept of DeFi was proposed as early as 2018, it actually did not be widely use until the end of 2020. We believe that 2021 will be the year of DeFi because it is going to develop rapidly. DeFi gives better play to the essence of blockchain technology, and it is the general trend of the future financial system development. The trend will definitely not change and Lion King will be one of the most popular DeFi project in the coming days.

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